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Do you Want to accelerate your current wealth creation strategy?

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Do you aspire to having financial freedom?

You won't get there on term deposits, nor is there enough time in the week to research all the stocks, commodities and other asset classes out there.

And when you do invest, you have very little control over them whatsoever.  All this time spent, you’d really rather be spending with your friends and family.

Would you say yes to more time to relax with friends and family, experience travelling, playing golf and being out on the boat?  The things that you love to do.  Yet still be on the fast track to increasing your wealth?

In other words, does it appeal to you to be accelerating your wealth plan with less effort?   With the right strategies you can achieve financial freedom more quickly than you probably think.


Growing your wealth through property development

Property Development Is Attractive

Everyone’s making money in property – throw a dart at anything and you’ll make money is what they say. 

You imagine yourself driving past your site and watch it literally rise up from the ground. It's a genuinely exciting and rewarding feeling, one you can share with your friends and family.

So you decide to give it a go. You’ve seen a site that you think's got potential. Good location - Tick.

Have you researched the market and demographics? What planning controls apply to the site? What’s the most suitable form of housing type? What's the market value for that housing type in that location? Does it stack up financially? What amenities are in the area?  Can the site connect to the public stormwater and wastewater networks without prohibitive costs for the number of units you're planning? Does the site have flooding risk? The list goes on.

And what if you already own your site. The architect’s concept plans are done and it’s all starting to get exciting. But what do you do next?

Are you optimising your opportunity from a planning perspective, you're almost certainly going to be pushing the planning controls to the limit. Or are you leaving some gains on the table?

What do you do when you encounter a hurdle? Trust me, there is always a challenge or three that needs resolving. How do you find the right experts to deal with the problem? How much is it likely to cost? What options are available to you?

The truth is, is that it’s not as easy as some would have you believe.

But there is a way.


The Development Process Is Complex

Whilst developing property can be a rewarding and enjoyable investment strategy, it is also a complex process, involving many facets that all need to be done in the correct sequence, as efficiently as possible and with the best team.

It only takes one piece of that puzzle to be done incorrectly and the entire project can unravel very quickly.

I know as I've made the above mistakes. I eventually realised that you need a process to deliver projects well. You need a great team around you to ensure that your project is of the highest quality and you can delight in the rave reviews when the properties are handed over to their new owners.

I have learnt from my mistakes and have used them to develop my own process for identifying the right opportunities for the right locations.

Through experience, I have formulated a process that identifies the right opportunities in the right locations.

This is what I worked out as being critical to success:

·      Identifying the right market to develop in;

·      Qualifying the best product possible;

·      Knowing how to qualify the good opportunities from the overly risky and ensuring the housing type can be built on the site efficiently and viably;

·      A process to achieve the best outcome, maximise profitability and deliver it as efficiently as possible;

·      Ensuring the development is of the highest quality possible and;

·      Working with an expert team that can deliver.

If a property development can achieve the above steps, the guesswork is removed, investment returns are predictable and risk is substantially reduced.

By following the above process some recent achievements have included:

·      Secured resource consent for five terraced homes on a small 600 sm site in central Auckland;

·      Obtaining resource consent for an apartment building where this wasn’t previously possible;

·      Achieved a 150%+ return on equity for an infill residential development in the city fringe;

·      Partial acquisition of neighbouring land to deliver a terraced housing development where it wasn't previously achievable.

Not only have the developments helped create wealth for its investors, we've also created fantastic outcomes for the new owners and neighbourhood by improving the quality of housing within the local community.

I’m helping investors just like you minimise their risk and maximise their returns using a clear and straight forward process. Why not benefit from the exact same process other clients are benefitting from and that I employ in my own developments?

If you would like to create real wealth by being involved in high quality residential development and see the value of working with an expert team, then you're in the right place.