Auckland’s Housing Quality Makes News Again...

Auckland is becoming more cosmopolitan by the day – more attractive to the rest of the world – as the city approaches the world stage. An increasing population and rising home and apartment values make local government changes like the Auckland Unitary Plan so critically needed.

Economically, politically, and socially, New Zealand, and more specifically Auckland, despite its small size on the global stage, punches above its weight. However, there is one dark cloud hovering over Auckland’s growth and enhancing image: quality housing. This city of 1.5 million still struggles with meeting the demand for better quality homes.

Leaky buildings are prevalent throughout Auckland; however, dealing with them isn’t something any homeowner should just accept as part of their life. With that being said, the situation in North Shore is not uncommon.

Remediating leaky buildings can cost the Auckland homeowner hundreds of thousands of dollars for recladding and has become so grave that people are mortgaging their homes to help fellow family members do repairs and stay in their homes. For Aucklanders who are outside of the 10-year limit to make a claim against the government or council, there is little recourse if they either don’t have the money or don’t have a network of people with the financial wherewithal to help. Reports of suicide have surfaced from the anguish being too much to bare for some people. It’s true: housing quality truly does have an impact on a person’s quality of life. A smart builder or developer understands this and sees the bigger picture.

Auckland Unitary Plan: Options for Residents and Developers

auckland unitary plan.jpg

Government initiatives are barely helping residents cope, builders and developers are filling in the gaps and bringing better quality housing to the area. 

While government help is out there for Aucklanders dealing with leaky homes, the fact of the matter is that these initiatives might really only be band-aids for the real problem. The only true way Auckland will address this issue of leaky homes is not by government action necessarily, but by developers working under the Auckland Unitary Plan to build quality housing. Only then can this issue have any chance of being addressed. Developers in Auckland have too much opportunity to pass up -- too much demand for a quality product from developers who have a vision. Developers who meet the right criteria will get a leg up from government programs that will guide the right builders so their housing has a greater, more meaningful impact on Auckland as a community.