Up To 3 Dwellings Will Soon Be Permitted As Of Right...

On 6 April 2018 the Environment Court gave its decision to enable the permitted baseline of dwellings in the Mixed Housing Suburban and Mixed Housing Urban zones from 2 to 3. 

Whilst parties have until 7 May to appeal, its likely that this decision will come into effect.

Why Is This Significant?

This decision alone could make a significant difference to your development’s design and profitability. 

The MHS and MHU zones will now be able to accommodate up to three dwellings without having to pass through the Resource Consent application process. A process that’s under severe pressure with no end in sight when efficiency will improve.

Smaller developments of this size can save significant time (and cost) to undertake a higher density outcome. The relevant standards still apply and the onus remains on the applicant to ensure that compliance is met and will still be subject to assessment before a Certificate of Completion can be issued.

In my view this is a great outcome as there are sufficient standards to be complied with so the design and intent of the zones can be maintained. It takes some pressure off the council processing officers so that they can focus on applications that demand a higher degree of assessment.