I was honoured to be asked to contribute a regular article in Verve - Auckland’s premier lifestyle magazine.

Since agreeing to it, I’ve been reflecting on what I could possibly fill the columns with!

It might be interesting to cover issues important to Aucklanders, advocating why change is necessary if we're to make this city as desirable as so often proclaimed to be on the international stage. 

Development is such a key issue that shapes the built environment. My raison d’etre is quite simply to build cool buildings for people. I’m passionate about quality outcomes and leaving things better than when I found them.

It’s important to raise awareness about why quality developments are important, if we're indeed committed to improving the housing lot for Aucklanders. I also want to advocate that by and large developers are not the money grabbing thieves as so often perceived.

I'd love your help on ideas and suggestions of what would be interesting to cover and voice about property and development in Auckland.

Whether it’s interviewing an icon or shining the light on something that would benefit the wider community, please let me know. This is your opportunity to create a discussion on something that’s relevant and important to you.

Check out our first article on page 81 of April’s edition and naturally I invite you to pick up a copy and support the publishers of this high quality magazine. And even better it’s free!

As ever, thanks for your support.