Dealing With Delays

It’s like being at the airport, waiting to catch your flight, you’ve done everything right and yet you get to check-in, through customs and you’re all ready and set to go. You’re on time and the announcer informs you that the flight’s going to be delayed.

How do you respond? Do you respond or do you react?

You could complain about it and get frustrated. Or you could use your time effectively and do things to make your situation better.

Development is a lot like that. Delays outside of your control are generally inevitable.

One common example is being bogged down in bureaucracy and under-resourced teams at Council. It’s no secret that consents are now being processed by private consultants because of the workload and inability for Council to solve it internally. And you wonder why rates keep going up and up?? This is just one reason of many! ;-)

I often compare property development to driving a steam roller at full speed. No matter how hard you press down on the accelerator, it doesn’t go much faster than 5km/hr even if you wanted it to.

Travel overseas you see things happening at breath-taking speed and wonder why a country and city as advanced as ours is, why we seem to be stuck in a time warp.

So what do you do? Give up?


We plan for these unfortunate inevitabilities. And yes unfortunately it adds cost to development, which doesn’t help keep property values down I might add. But again that’s another story.

My point is that we use the time effectively to make the project better.

We value engineer.

We explore alternative design solutions.

We look at how we can improve the development whether that’s through cost reductions without compromising quality or adding value in some other way.

We’re committed to creating quality housing solutions in Auckland and rather than throw in the towel, we work with the hand we’re dealt and still make the project soar.

It’s all part of the gig you sign up to.

If that’s not for you, that’s cool.

But if you’ve got a site and would like to grow your financial wealth for you and your family and be shown how to do it, get in touch.