That’s a cool word. What does it mean?

According to Webster’s dictionary it means “the support about which a lever turns”.

And you might have heard the saying ‘Give me a fulcrum and lever big enough and I will move the world’.

In my experience that’s true of development.  Given the complexity and capital intensiveness required, you cannot do it all on your own.  You simply need the help of others.

The sooner I learned that, the more efficient I became.

Today I leverage the knowledge, wisdom and capital of others in the form of my team, advisors, investors and banks to make projects happen.  I simply couldn’t do it on my own.

Obviously, there’s a flip side to that.  You can’t just use people without returning value.  We provide return in the way of our relationships, fees, interest and profits for the value and time they give.  It’s a win-win situation in a world of abundance.

When you adopt this way of thinking, you can really start to move the needle.

What will you leverage today?

Graeme Fan