Getting Advice

When I was growing up, I toyed with the idea of becoming a pilot.  Flying back then was a much bigger deal than it seems to be these days.  It had an aura about it.

Unfortunately by the age of 7 my eyesight started to deteriorate quite badly and my dreams of being a pilot soon were extinguished as I knew that ‘20/20’ vision was a requirement.  Without the clarity of sight, you wouldn’t be much good in the air with lives depending on you to fly the plane safely.

My eyesight got steadily worse throughout my teenage years until finally I got to an age where I could have laser surgery and for me, it was truly life changing.  It gave me a new sense of freedom and clarity.  No longer having to fumble for glasses or contact lenses.  Thank heavens for technology.

The point of my story is that without clarity, life and goals can be a fumble.  And it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have found that with development opportunities and problems in general, the best way to get clarity is to get all the options in front of you and work out which has the best return/risk profile that matches what you ultimately want to achieve.  Everyone is different.

To get that clarity will often require going to the specialists and receiving help and advice.

As developers who specialise in creating quality infill housing in Auckland, my focus is to figure out and execute the best strategies for my developments.  And I still rely on my team to give me clarity everyday given the wide array of expert knowledge required to complete developments successfully.

Who do you rely on for clarity?

Graeme Fan