How To Find A Site

Studies have shown that humans have as much, if not more, enjoyment and fun planning and organising the family holiday than the actual event itself.  Isn’t that funny?  The anticipation and build up to the event is so great that it can sometimes surpass the actual experience we were planning all along.

As it happens, we can get quite good at the planning and organising.  From researching the various locations and choosing the place that suits everyone’s wants and needs, down to the place you’ll stay and the activities and things you’ll do when you get there.

It becomes a military like precision exercise.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a relaxing holiday or one that is non-stop from the minute you get there.

Finding a development site is a lot like that.  It’s a process.  With careful planning, identifying, researching and knowing what you’re looking for, in time it becomes a process that’s replicable.

How we find a site is a process.  In fact, we have specific steps and activities we always carry out to know that we are close to finding our perfect site.

It may not help you plan for your family holiday, but it can be a path to financial wealth.


Graeme Fan