Let’s (Not) All Do the Timewarp Again…

I was asked to look at 2 schemes yesterday by someone who had previously started his own projects.

These two homes were essentially spec homes being built ‘for the market’ in Hobsonville.

It was shocking to see the configuration.

The gardens were south facing.

The connection to the indoor living was non-existent.

It was like being in a time warp and this house was being built for the 1950s where such things weren’t a consideration.

The plans were for building consent and it was concerning to see the lack of information provided.

It would be amazing if this gets consented in its current state, without having to be sent back with ‘more details please’.

But then again, council is backlogged, so he might get lucky.

With a couple of changes, he could bring this back to the future.

Let’s NOT all do the time warp again.

Graeme Fan