Your Team

Have you ever witnessed an orchestra conductor guide and drive a group of over 100 musicians seamlessly to create a well-orchestrated piece of music?  I guess that’s where the term orchestrated comes from.

It’s quite simply a work of art to be able to co-ordinate, motivate and time all the moving parts into a moving feast of aural pleasure.

When you’re planning and executing your development, as the developer you are much like the conductor.  You need to know when to bring in the right team member and drive them to your desired objective.  Whether that’s your architect, structural engineer, quantity surveyor or whomever.  All consultants need to work in tandem and together to create your work of art.

What’s more, you first have to build the team. I don’t know whether the orchestra conductor is responsible for that in their world, but in my experience as a developer it is incumbent on you to build the team.

Not all consultants are equal and finding the right one takes time.  Not only that relationships are important, so that they are willing to do the work for you when it’s required.

If you’re developing and want to get access to the inside consultants who reliably perform for me, then follow this link to schedule a call with me and we’ll have a chat to see how we can help you create your work of art.

Graeme Fan