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What does the 10c regional petrol tax mean for Auckland property owners?

With Auckland's multi-billion dollar investment in upgrading the city's infrastructures, the city's property values will be affected too. The allure of living closer to major infrastructures like the light rail stations is going to create upward pressure on property values the closer they are to them. On the contrary, we will see a reduced pressure on the roads with the improved convenience provided by the public networks.


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Auckland needs to build 1,000 houses per month to meet demand

To maintain the existing shortfall we needed to have built 1,000 new houses per month at a minimum, just to keep up with the current shortfall.The implications are going to be more demand for less supply. There is only one way prices can go in the long term. It’s Economics 101. And unfortunately unless we all take ownership and responsibility to solve the chronic shortfall, the situation will only get worse.

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