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Your Land Holds Significant Value

With property development you want the best possible return for undertaking significant risk, capital investment, effort and uncertainty. 

How do you maximise value and reduce your risk? Do you have the experience, network or time to give yourself the best possible chance of success?

Beau Consultants is a property development consultancy with a track record of successfully delivering quality residential developments in Auckland, New Zealand.

We can be the difference between success versus something you wish you'd never contemplated. We deliver significant value through creative planning, design and quality execution.

Make things happen by taking advantage of our experience, creativity and network. Leverage your property's value through delivering a beautifully designed and high quality development. 


We Can Help You

  • Appraise your site's development potential;
  • Provide market research to identify market demand and typologies;
  • Create development strategies in line with your core goals;
  • Determine your costs;
  • Identify the risks involved and advise on mitigation strategies;
  • Connect you with funding partners if required;
  • Navigate the complex planning rules and secure Resource Consent;
  • Assist with interior design and procurement of finishes;
  • Manage the construction phase;
  • Benefit from commercial supplier relationships to improve your development's profitability.

If you share a passion about great design, build quality and making a positive contribution to the residential housing market get in touch.


Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships or joint ventures can be a very successful strategy for delivering projects. You get to combine parties' respective strengths to create a more successful outcome. Often considerably more successful had it been done alone.

If you're considering property development or have a development opportunity, you may wish to partner or joint venture.

In certain circumstances, we would be interested in getting involved or we can connect you with those in our network who could be.

If you don't have a specific opportunity, you could also consider opportunities we get to see on a daily basis. You can gain access to opportunities that have passed through our due diligence process.

If this interests you, please get in touch.

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Investors and developers just like you are getting the help they need to progress their developments through our coaching services.

Take advantage of this service that can help you work through any development challenge perplexing you.

Right now, we are helping investors like you solve challenges on their sites. Often this is done through a simple phone call or email.

If you have a specific issue and need to find a solution for it to unlock your opportunity, get in touch.

If we don't know the answer we'll tell you. And we're more than likely to know someone who can.