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Property Development is a big challenge, I understand that. 

I've saved and created literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients. 

In my experience, the real cost has been missing out on an opportunity you can't be expected to see because you don't do this full time.

Save yourself thousands of dollars, months of time and frustration by finding out how much potential your property has. 

Unless you know what you're dealing with, how can you know what's possible? And can you afford to take a wrong turn or risk not maximising the oppotunity?

If any of this resonates with you, we've created a solution that gets you on the right track.

Graeme Fan

Beau Consultants


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Site Assessment Report Done For You

Let us assess your site using our processes, systems and experience. We'll give you our recommendations on what you might be able to do with your site and the risks we identify that you'll want to be aware of that could literally cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We Give You A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Yes, we completely remove the risk from you. If you feel the work we do for you is not worth what you've paid, we'll refund your money no questions asked!



We'll do a quick check of your title and note any issues we see as being a risk to any future development plans. You can then get a formal legal opinion on it, potentially saving you thousands of dollars alone.



This is where the magic can happen. We'll identify the zoning of your property under the Auckland Unitary Plan. We'll let you know what rules apply and what can and can't be done to your site.

We can start to identify potential opportunities that can unlock huge value in your property. Under certain conditions, your property may have significant development potential if it has a more flexible zoning thanks to the new Auckland Unitary Plan.

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Site Characteristics

We'll review your site's topography. We'll take a look at its shape, its boundaries, size, relationship with neighbouring properties, its aspect and identify any opportunities we see.

Your site may be costly to develop based on its shape and contours, let us check this for you and provide you with our opinion on the challenges that might arise.


Flood Risk

We'll assess whether your site is considered a flood risk. 

We'll let you know whether there are any flood plains or overland flow paths on your site, or whether it's deemed a flood prone area. And if present, we'll show you their significance, all of which can impact the extent of any future development you might be considering.



We'll investigate the public stormwater and wastewater networks near your site. Through this review, we'll be able to suggest options for connecting into the public networks when creating additional dwellings on your site and any potential issues you might be faced with.



We'll highlight any issues to consider when increasing the number of dwellings on your property which potentially creates extra load on the transport infrastructure. 

Risks & Opportunities

We'll highlight any opportunities and risks we see as being specific to your site. Opportunities that could be exploited and risks that could cost you significant money if left unchecked and not managed well.


OPTIONAL: Development Strategy Roadmap

We can outline the potential next steps tailored for you. There will be one of two outcomes:

1. Your Site Has Development Potential:

If we think your development site has potential, we'll outline the next steps that you could take so you can carry out the development yourself. 

You'll learn the following:

1. The team you'll need

2. The stages of development

3. A potential timeframe you could expect to complete your project

4. Some ideas on what might be possible based on what we've learned about your site.


2. You're Better Off Concentrating On Another Opportunity:

If we think you'd be better off not wasting thousands of money on your site, we'll tell you. Saving you substantial loss, heartache and frustration!


Exclusions & Limitations

The objective of the report is to give you our opinion on the development potential of your site. 

We have a 100% success rate securing Resource Consent, however based on this preliminary review the report does not purport to grant you Resource Consent and can not be relied upon in that way.

How We Have Saved Time & Money

Potential Savings

Architect's Bulk & Location Study

Assesses an initial preliminary building design on the site

$3,000 + GST

Assessment Of Environmental Effects Report

A town planner's appraisal of the impact a development would have on the neighbouring properties which forms the application to go into Council for Resource Consent

8,000 + GST

Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report

Which assesses the drainage and flooding risks of the site

$8,000 + GST

Traffic Report

A traffic engineers report that assesses the traffic impact on the site and adjoining roads

$2,000 + GST

Total Potential Savings

$21,000 + GST

Examples Of How We've Helped Clients Gain

Profit / Margin

Calculation of Land value

We helped our clients understand the value of the land they were acquiring, saving them over $300,000 in the eventual acquisition price that they paid!


Increased Number Of Dwellings Achieved

Through our analysis, we helped the design team create an additional dwelling on their site they hadn't previously thought possible resulting in an additional profit of $450,000 to the total development.


Don't make the mistake of investing thousands of dollars on designs and reports without knowing whether your site has potential or not. Through the site assessment report alone, we've made our clients understand the development potential of their site. 

The next stage, a comprehensive feasibility study will certainly cost you thousands of dollars. Does it make sense to do your homework first before investing that kind of money into something that may or may not be viable. If your site has the potential that we can identify for you, a feasibility study is likely your next step. 

And if all this report did for you was saved you frustration and thousands of dollars getting architectural concepts done only to find that you can't actually develop what you had asked your architect to do, would it be worth it to you?

We've unlocked hundreds of thousands of profit and in some cases, saved them tens if not hundreds of thousands on unnecessary reports and investing in a development opportunity that is not viable, simply because they didn't have the knowledge, network or time to truly understand the opportunities and pitfalls specific to their site.

Order Your Site Assessment Now And Achieve Success In Property Development

We have two delivery options to suit you:

1. STANDARD: $695 + GST (ready within 20 working days)

Or jump the queue and get it fast! 

2. FAST TRACK: $995 + GST (ready within 5 working days)

PLUS: The report comes with a FREE 20-minute Follow Up Consultation to answer any questions you'll have.

We're so confident you'll be pleased with the report we GUARANTEE 100% YOU'LL BE SATISFIED!!

Yes that's right, if for any reason you're not happy with the work we've put in for you, simply tell us and We'll Refund You 100%!!

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