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Develop Your Auckland Property WITHOUT THE STRESS! 

Find Out If It's Going To Be Possible BEFORE You Commit HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$!!

To Maximise Your Opportunity, Get Very Clear About Your Options And Have A Clear Process.

Auckland's Unitary Plan may have dramatically increased your property's potential, it could be a real game changer. But exploring your options can also be complex and frustrating. 

Feeling overwhelmed with lots at stake is all too common. It feels better sometimes to just toss it in the too hard basket.

You can do this. You just need to know how.

I'd like to give you the clarity you've been looking for. It is possible to enjoy the process of successfully developing property, using a system you can repeat again and again. And most importantly give you and your family greater wealth.

You've seen others doing it. And now for you, it's just a case of how.

Prior to working with us, a couple had been considering developing their property but having not done anything like this before they were understandably anxious and confused.

After they spoke with several builders and misinformed friends, they grew even more frustrated.


The first thing we did when introduced to them was define the following:

- What outcomes they were wanting to achieve;

- What their expectations were in terms of timeframes and costs.

Then we assessed their property and identified their opportunities and risks.

Not only did we help them create solutions to issues they weren't aware of, we made the project more profitable by finding a way to add more units to their development and deliver a much more suitable housing type for the market. 

All of which increased their project's profitability by 47%!!

The clouds lifted and they got the clarity they so desperately wanted.

When we're invited to assess a property's development potential, our clients get clarity and we remove their frustrations. It gives them the confidence about their property they've been wanting.

We're proud of our 100% success rate securing Resource Consent. But our greatest passion is helping property owners like you understand what is and isn't possible to ensure you're maximising your opportunities.

To assess your site, we recommend the following...

6 Essential Checks!!

Avoid the mistakes others make by not researching these essential items first before you invest thousands of your hard earned capital.

The checks below can get quite technical, but they are crucial and have helped me spot the goldmines from the landmines.

We've saved ourselves and our clients literally hundreds of thousands $$$s by understanding these critical aspects first. 

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Here We Let Andrea Ritchie From Bayleys Real Estate Tell You What She Thinks Of Us And Our Approach To Property...


Property Title

Your title may have restrictions which require approval from other parties or 'covenants' on the property e.g. restricting the heights of future buildings or restricting development within the site itself.



Check your zoning under the Auckland Unitary Plan. This has a significant implication on the rights available to you and what you can develop. 

Site Levels_Black.png


Your site's topography or shape, levels, contours, boundaries and aspect are all important considerations when designing your development.



Find out how easy or difficult it will be to connect your new development to the existing public water storm water and waste water networks. 

This can potentially add significant cost to your development and turn your profitability upside down, especially if you are required to upgrade the network to accommodate the extra capacity you are placing on the system.


Flood Risk

Check to see if your site is in a flood risk catchment area.

Strategies to enable you to develop over a flood plain or overland flow path will impact your development if they are considered a significant risk. 



If you're creating additional dwellings, consider the impact you will have on the public roads particularly from an entry and exit point from your subdivision. 

Allow for safe and practical manoeuvring within your subdivision itself and provide efficient and good circulation for cars allowing cars enough room to turn so that they are entering and exiting the subdivision in a forward position.

Another Client Testimonial - GO & OH

"Though initially apprehensive of giving over a high level of authority to someone else, Graeme quickly established himself as a trusted partner in the project through his knowledge and professionalism. 

Our confidence in Graeme was amply rewarded as he delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard."

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